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Vauxhall, London

Enjoy A Restorative Swedish Massage To Relax, Rest, and Rejuvenate!


As a qualified and fully insured Massage Therapist I have many years of experience in the health and beauty industries and provide my valued clients with many different types of massage techniques!

I use a combination of techniques, which typically last for approximately 30 – 90 minutes. I am aware of the various pressure points around the human body and know exactly how to expertly manipulate them, giving you the feeling that you are floating on a cloud.

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✔︎ Total relaxation as your stresses, anxieties, and muscular tension quickly disperse

✔︎ Relax, rest, and rejuvenate! My massage helps to restore your ability to work effectively and reduce stress

✔︎ Boost your energy through increased circulation as more oxygen is delivered throughout your body

✔︎ Located in a very accessible part of Vauxhall, London with free parking and bathroom and shower facilities

✔︎ Client confidentiality and privacy is also of paramount importance


Come and enjoy a Swedish massage in an relaxing environment by intimate candle light…

Swedish Massage
 60 minute session


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“I spent 90 mins in the care of Laura. While it was my first treatment with her, it was far from my first experience of massage, however it certainly was an experience at it’s own level. Time sometimes feels elastic, and while I would certainly recommend 90 mins, it’s both went in a flash and felt like each stroke was being thoughtfully and purposely placed to ensure I was kept in a place of deep relaxation and anticipation in the most spellbinding way.”


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